Gongs from Vietnam-Laos

A very widespread instrument in South East Asia, the gong is mainly played on its own in small tribal mountain villages (just like in other parts of Indonesia and the Philippines). But on the contrary to the sophisticated burmese or indonesian orchestras, the pace here is with little ornaments and quite repetitive, only played along with small drums, sometimes with singing. The result is mesmerizing, hypnotizing like some unplugged techno music listen to an excerpt
— 2001 {PlayaSound PS65256} —


Anonymous said...

merci, laurent g.! i haven't heard much live music in laos, which i did. but the feeling for the country is still very alive, even after more than a decade.

nice to see you going despite next to no feedback - a true labour of love ;)

lucky :D

laurent g. said...

Cheers!!! If you want to go a bit further you want to check the amazing work of Laurent Jeanneau (aka Kink Gong) in South-East Asia and in China > http://pro.cdmail.fr/pro/stselect112.htm and http://norient.com/blog/easter-turkestan-soundscapes-the-kink-gong-project/

Lucky said...

oh wow, laurent - the kink gong cd collection looks absolutely amazing!!! what an amount of thrilling music... sure have to look / listen out for some of these!!!