Sylvain Kassap — Saxifrages!

Playing with Ensemble Laborintus and guest eRikm yesterday night at Instants Chavirés (Montreuil, France) I saw Sylvain Kassap, a great clarinet player. He is the author of one fine album originally released in 1985 on label Evidence: Saxifrages!, named after those tiny mountain flowers able to break rocks apart. The piece presents a fabulous Smörgåsbord of great french musicians such as Bruno Chevillon (dbl bass), Jacques Mahieux (dms), Pablo Cueco (perc), Claude Barthélémy (guit), Yves Robert (tb), Michel Godard (tuba), Gérard Buquet (tuba).
— Saxifrages - {Evidence – EV 102} / 1985 —


VicDiesel said...

Interesting stuff. The first track is rather rock-ish, but it picks later. It sounds a bit like an electrified Breuker Kollektief....

VicDiesel said...

(nice, I typed a comment and then google threw it away when I mistyped my password)

Anyway, I'm enjoying this music. The first track is far more jazz rock than the rest. Later tracks remind me of the Breuker Kollektief, but more electric.

Anonymous said...

merci, mon ami - kassap is all too unknown, a real french treasure!! there's far more happening than portal and sclavis in the world of oh la la... ;)


Anonymous said...

btw - do you have the "quixote" album, too? and while we're at it, ho about "cordes sur ciel" featuring baby sommer and didier levallet? the only kassap i have on disc is the nato lp "l'arlésienne" (also with sommer and levallet).

salut, l:)

laurent g. said...

I actually have 'Pointe Noire' which is pretty good, a duo with François Corneloup… coming up!

Anonymous said...

that sounds great!! corneloup is another favorite improvisor. :)

other kassap's i have (all in lossless):
- foehn (solo)
- istanbul' da eylül (w/ okay temiz)
- bib (trio)
- strophes (quartet)
- boites/boat (quartet)

cheers!! :)