Pierre Henry :: La Ville / Die Stadt {Metropolis Paris}

Definitely inspired by Walter Ruttmann’s Wochende (1930), 'La Ville - Die Stadt' was commissioned by the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Klaus Schöning) in 1984. Hummings, drummings and tickings; this sound piece always was the true Paris soundscape to me (far from the Saint-Germain-des-Prés jazz clichés!).
Pierre Henry - La Ville / Die Stadt (Metropolis Paris) / 1994 WERGO —


the static fanatic said...

Can't get enough Pierre Henry, danke sehr mein Herr!

Anonymous said...

laurent - this is my favorite henry recording. given your hint, i'd say this might as well be inspired by ruttmann's radioplay "weekend" (1930), possibly the first musique concète piece - there has been a german re-edition of it (it's only about 10 min. long), with various remixes.

salut, lucky

laurent g. said...

Thanks for your comments! Lucky, you're absolutely right about Ruttmann's 'Weekend'… I have the 1994 Metamkine edition ;)

laurent g. said...

Link updated, merry Christmas! ;)