Le Roman de Fauvel - {Clemencic Consort + René Zosso}

In the Fifties, René Clémencic undertook his studies in the Sorbonne and the Collège de France in Paris, then in Vienna. Composer, philosopher, musicologist, he did a pioneer work in the field of Middle Ages musics. He proposed a radical and open interpretation which brought him a sulfurous reputation amongst "purists". In the Seventies, he recorded with the Clemencic Consort and along with amazing hurdy-gurdy player René Zosso, secular musics devoted to medieval feasts such as this Roman de Fauvel, a 14th century satire telling the story of Fauvel whose numerous vices makes him a king. Hurdy-gurdies, bombards, jew's harps, musical combs, and other sea horns cheerfully mix with bawlings and clamours, and briskly sweep those clichés of gray and rigorous Middle Ages.

1975 - Harmonia Mundi


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