New Ireland - Papua New Guinea — {Prophet 21}

Did you know? In New Ireland (one of the north-east archipelago of Papua New Guinea, close to the Solomon islands) people play kazoo, not in solo, but as in orchestra… Founder of the Ocora collection and creator of this splendid Prophet collection, Charles Duvelle introduces rare recordings conducted in 1974. In addition to the amazing popkopas reed-pipes, one can listen to the sound of the garamut drum (a hollow and split trunk around which percussionists dance), a song accompanied by a rubbed metal plate, and chanted reminiscences of long past Christians missions…
Prophet 21 / 2001 + Duvelle interview (in french)


roberth said...

any chance of a reup on this
mediafire says permission denied
i am a big fan of music from papua new guinea, and i have never seen this record before.

laurent g. said...

Done !

beetor said...

Many thanks!

roberth said...

i somehow missed it when you updated link. but checked when i got the thanks message from beetor.
this looks fantastic and i will soon be listening.